About me


My name is Kebikov Evgeniy - I offer services on wedding photography in the whole territory of Belarus, but why there, for the sake of my favorite work, I am ready to break into any point of the globe, because I am doing what gives me real pleasure.

Kind and positive creative character: a photographer and just a good person, took the path of photography in 2010 and bravely walk in front. I try to be not just a photographer, but also a friend, that you would feel comfortable during the shooting, I understand how important for you is the wedding day and try to make the memory of this day not forgotten.

A photo for me is a means of expression like painting or music. I photograph the wedding, I try to tell what I feel, how I see the couple and their most important event in life.

The genre of wedding photography I chose consciously, this one of the few areas where everyone is happy and the atmosphere of the holiday is everywhere.

I like to photograph people, their emotions, feelings at a certain point in time and within the framework of a fictitious space, if we are with a person on the same wavelength, photo sessions are held in a relaxed atmosphere and in a good mood.

I have no photos from the master classes of other photographers on the site, there are no photos from the workshops, there are no filming with the hired models, all photos are only with real couples, made at real weddings.

First of all, I position myself as a portrait photographer and a wedding photographer, I love reportage photography. I appreciate the classic and clean style, which will store pleasant memories regardless of trends!

Waiting for your call) tel.

+375 29 694 98 43